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My grandfather was Thomas Franklin White (08 Sep 1889 Heflin, Cleburne, Alabama - 27 Mar 1969 Mobile Alabama -- Buried in Flomaton, AL Rock Holiness Cemetery). His parents are Dock White & Jennie Smith. I'm sure there were other children, but I can't connect any. Dock could be a nickname, but it does appear on Thomas Franklin White's Social Security Application. Race is white, with some Cherokee mixed in somewhere.

I believe Thomas Franklin White had another family before he started the family that I come from. Thomas was born in 1889 and the first time I can pinpoint him is in 1931 having children with Fannie Pearl Chasteen (sound) (11 May 1900 - 12 Mar 1937 Buried in Friendship Cemetery in Donalsonville, Seminole, Georgia) I can't verify this is her date of birth. My dad was 3 when she died and no marker was put on her grave until later when my father grew up and put one there. My father and his sister was born in 1931 and 1934 in Donalsonville, Seminole, Georgia to Thomas Franklin White & Fannie Pearl Chasteen (sound).

After Fannie Pearl Chasteen (sound) died in 1937, Thomas Franklin White took the family to Foley, Alabama. Thomas actually took Fannie Pearl's daughter from a previous marriage and after moving to Alabama they had 6 children.

So I can connect Thomas Franklin White with several children, but believe there are more! The children I can connect him with are as follows:
These 2 children belong to Thomas Franklin White & Fannie Pearl Chasteen:
Ada Peal White ---- living, born 1931
Norman Eddie White (18 Mar 1934 - 13 Feb 2005 Buried beside his mother Fannie Pearl Chasteen in Friendship Cemetery in Donalsonville, Seminole, Georgia.
These 6 children belong to Thomas Franklin White & Ruby Lee Gray* (Fannie Pearl's daughter):
John Wesley, Billy Joe, Betty Jane, Thomas Ray, William Howard & Ronald Lee.

When Ruby Lee died in 1962, Thomas then moved to Mobile, Alabama where he died in 1969.

*Ruby Lee Gray ( 25 Sep 1917 - 06 Apr 1962 Buried beside Thomas Franklin White) Ruby Lee was said to be Fannie Pearl's child from a previous marriage. We was told her last name was Gray. I've never found records to support any of this.

When I first pinpointed Thomas Franklin White in 1931, in tow was 4 children that I will list below.

Chester Brannan White (14 Feb 1922 - no other info available
Francis "Frank" James London White (21 Sep 1924 - 30 Mar 1976 Buried in Flomaton, AL Rock Holiness Cemetery)
Sarah Virginia White (21 Feb 1926 - 05 Jul 1972 Escambia County Florida

Chester, Frank & Sarah are said to be Thomas Franklin White's kids. Mother unknown. The 4th chld in tow was Ruby Lee Gray (Fannie Pearl's daughter). The family of 12 moved to Foley in 1937 (after Fannie Pearl's death) where the oldest child of Ruby Lee & Thomas Franklin was born.

Thomas was a bit of a mystery. I knew him, but not well, since I was 10 when he died. I've heard he was "hush-hush" about the past, but below you will find a few things that I have heard through out the years.
1) I was told: That Thomas Franklin White had left a woman and six kids behind for my father's mother Fannie Pearl.
2) I was told: Thomas Franklin White told my uncle the reason that he HAD to leave the woman and six kids behind---is she was trying to kill him!

I do believe there could be another family from Thomas Franklin White...these are the people I'd love to connect with. I don't care if you wanted him dead (like perhaps your mother did)....I'd love to make the connection. I have my own memories of Thomas Franklin White, no one can tarnish my memories, he did that himself!

Contact me if you think you know anything about anyone mentioned!


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