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searching for Swedish/Finnish ancestors

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I've been trying to research the background of my "Swedish" or "Finnish" great grandmother, Anna L(ouisa, Lovisa, Louise) Forsman Schaaf who came to Oscoda/Ausable, Iosco County, Michigan circa 1892 , according to differing sources, with her younger brother, Victor.  She was probably about 25-30 years old as her age and place of birth differs in the US Censuses.  She married Paul Schaaf in late 1893.  Their marriage records lists her father's name as being Charles (Carl or Karl), but no mother's name.  The couple had 5 daughters over the next 10-12 years.  This part of her history is well-documented by local church and civic records. 

Her brother Victor was said to have moved on to Duluth Minnesota,  but my mother doesn't remember much about him otherwise. They were part of a large family of 16, where the father made his living as a sea captain.    I don't know if he was a commercial or naval seaman.    In her 1939 obituary, she was said to have been born in Finland (not Sweden) in 1862?  Brother Victor was mentioned as was another brother Henry in Finland.  (There is some evidence that Henry (Henrik?) may have come to Michigan as there is a record of his marriage in June 1893 and the following year  the christening of a son in Oscoda.)  After this time period, I've been unable to track either brother.  Her obituary also lists her father as Andrew Forsman, not Charles, so coming up with a patronymic name has been difficult. 

The only other clue I have at this time is a photocopy of a postcard written in Dec. 1912 from a cousin Emilia Forsman in Jakobstad to one of Anna L's daughters, Lena Schaaf.

I'm not certain of how to proceed with further research and am asking for suggestions in trying to trace Anna L. Forsman's roots back to Finland or Sweden.  As she was by all accounts, a deeply religious woman, suggestions for searching Lutheran church records would be appreciated.  Also I was wondering if there might be some kind of shipping or naval records where I might be able to find some record of her sea faring father. 

I appreciate any input to help me with my search.

With thanks, kab

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Hello Kab.

This post is really old, but I thought I would reply since I think we may be related on some level. :) I was recently digging through some old papers and discovered a marriage certificate from my great great grandfather Henry Gustav Forsman and his wife Greta Forsman in 1893. I believe he may be the brother of Anna Lovisa Forsman from other posts I have found on-line. I further think that Emilia Forsman from Jakobstad may be my grandfathers older sister.
As far as I knew, all of the Forsman's went back to Jakobstad (at least Henry did), but it sounds like some of the family may have stayed in the USA. Would love to connect and find out more about this.

Did you also see this post? A June Pelo is looking for similar information.

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Mrs Kab,
This might arrive late, but I reply anyway. The Forsman-family is from our nabourgh and I have them in my husband´s tree. I even have an old photo taken of the family.
When I return from my trip back home I will write to you again and give you clus.
Best wishes
Maila Hägglund, Pedersöre-Jakobstad

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