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Augustin relatives in the US

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Hi all,

following the tree I have collected and build so far, the brother of my Great-Grandfather, Alfred Augustin (born 30.10.1892 in Merzalben) immigrated to the USA in 1910. Following the passenger records from the Ellis Island Foundation, he arrived with the ship Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse from Bremen at the age of 18 on the 22nd of March in 1910.

The ship manifest says:

Augustin, Alfred, 18y, male, single
read - yes, write - yes, Germany, Merzalben - Pfalz,

Final destination: Iowa, Benedickt (if I can read this correctly)
passage paid by uncle, was in possession of 10 US$

Wanted to join Uncle Jacob Augustin in St. Benedickt, Iowa

I have a Jakob Augustin (born 11.09.1847 in Clausen, died 08.04.1934 in Clausen) in my tree, being his uncle, but according to my notes, I believed he died in Germany. I further have an uncle named Georg Jakob Augustin (born 22. March 1860 in Clausen), who I believe immigrated to the USA on 14th August 1882.

Does anyone has more information on Alfred Augustin and his descendants? I'd be interested to find out more about my "family" in the United States.

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<< I have a Jakob Augustin (born 11.09.1847) >>

Alfred Augustin went to Iowa where his uncle Jacob was.
This Jacob was born 22 Mar 1860, so it was Georg Jakob Augustin.

In 1910 census they both lived close to each other in Prairie, Kossuth, Iowa [St Benedict is in Kossuth County, IA]

Alfred Augustin
Immigration Year: 1910
Farm Help, in August J Neuberger household


Jacob Augustin
Immigration Year: 1881
with wife Katharina Augustin, children Gregory & Anna
Interesting problem:

2 Alfred Augustine ? ? ?
both born 30 Oct 1892 - BUT different Social Security numbers ?

Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
Alfred Augustine
SSN: 124-05-2680
Last Residence: 10307 Staten Island, Richmond, New York
BORN: 30 Oct 1892
Died: Jan 1967
State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951)

Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 [text only - no image]
Alfred G Augustine
Birth Date: 30 Oct 1892
Birth Place: Iwa Westly
Father: George Augustine
Mother: Margaret Eantz [could be Ernst badly written]
SSN: 068103844
One tree gives
Alfred Augustin
Birth:  30.10.1892 (30 Oct 1892) - Südwestpfalz
parents Johann Georg Augustin & Maria Anna Ernst

the Jacob Augustin from Iowa:

Germany, Select Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898
Georgius Jacobus Augustin
Birth Date: 22 Mrz 1860 (22 Mar 1860)
Baptism Date: 24 Mrz 1860 (24 Mar 1860)
Baptism Place: Roemisch-Katholische,Clausen,Pfalz,Bavaria
Father: Joannis Adami Augustin
Mother: Margarethae Petry
FHL Film Number: 400533

another tree said this Jacob had a brother:
Joannis Georgius Augustin BIRTH ABT. 22 NOV 1852 • Clausen, Bavaria, Germany
DEATH Unknown

Can you confirm these are the right people ?
If you don't get more answers, I will look again next Tuesday [my only day on the Internet at the Library]
It looks like Georg Jakob Augustin will be easy to trace.
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Hi and thanks for your reply.

Yes, this Jacob is the Georg Jakob I have, seems to have changed his name during immigration.

Regarding those two Alfreds, this is really interesting. I can confirm that the parents Johann Georg Augustin and Maria Anna Ernst, as he was a brother to ma Great-Grandfather.

The Georg Jacob Augustin you found is the one I am looking for in the US, named Jacob after immigration. The birth date is correct, also the place - Clausen in Rhineland-Palatinate, also parents are right and the brother, Johann Georg, born in 1852 is the above mentioned Johann Georg.

I have further found:

August Augustine (1893 - 1973)  married to Elenore (born 1901 in England)
John Jacob Augustin (1894 - 1972)
Gregor Augustine (1897 - 1953)  married to Ellen E (born 1896 in Iowa, died in 1969)
Anna Augustine (1898 - 1960) married to Charles E Richardson (1893 Minnesota)

August and Elonare have one son:

Herman Augustin (1918 in Illinois) married to Carrie

this was the last information I did find so far, so still no living relatives at this point.

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