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van Mourik - finding relatives who emigrated to Australia

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My father - Arie van Mourik came to Australia in 1955 and on his emigration papers stated that his cousin had emigrated as well but the family had lost contact with this cousin. I am looking to complete the van Mourik family tree and would like to find out who this cousin was as well as the descendants.

My father Arie was the son of Johannes van Mourik and Johanna Cornelia van der Ham, his grandfather was Jasper van Mourik who married 1. Johanna Flora Spijkerman and 2. Neeltje (Aaltje) van Mourik. Jasper and Johanna had a grandson called Anthonius is this possibly the Anthonius Johannes mentioned as emigrating to Australia in the 1941? ( site for emigration records)

The family came from IJsselstein, Ameide, Vianen in the provinces of Utrecht and South Holland.
My family tree can be found on Geneanet - username 'jojodusty' under a search for 'Mourik' and 'IJsselstein'.
If anyone has any information I would love to hear from you, or any other van Mourikken in Australia who are interested in finding the worldwide family.

Johanna van Mourik
Victoria, Australia

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Hi Johanna,

Here's a message from Holland. I'm making a complete family tree of the Dutch family Kegge. But there are still a few relatives missing.
For instance Pieternella Barendina Kegge (b. 1933 Rotterdam). She was married to H. van Mourik (b. probably 8 Jan. 1935). They emigrated to Australia on the14th of April 1955. Did you came accross them in your quest?

Hope to hear from you.

Best regards,

Guus J. Bayards

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