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Duicidius, Dulcidius, et Dulcissimus du Puy, ca. 700

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I am trying to get a handle on the genealogical line that has Dulcidius or Dulcissimus du Puy of Cahors as the son of Astidius Limoges and the father of Ambrosius du Puy of Cahors. What I've seen so far with most of the reckonings on Geneanet doesn't make sense in relation to the times these men were the bishops of certain dioceses in France. There is no Dulcidius or Dulcissimus du Puy in the bisphoric of Cahors or Puy-de Dôm, but there is a bishop named Dicidius at Le Puy-de-Velay circa, 700. This date makes sense for his purported son to have been Ambrosius who was the Bishop of Cahors in 745, but it doesn't hold water if his supposed father Astidius was the bishop of Limoges in the 4th century. I don't know where the evidence comes from that supports these connections, the marriages of these men, or their descendants and other designated offspring. In any case, they can't be correct. Something has to be seriously wrong if historical sequences and dates for known figures don't correspond with important demographic dates in the genealogical reckonings being shared here or even the historical places where they actually served as bishops.

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